Pax 3 To Go

One of the best devices invented in today’s time is no doubt the PAX 3. This is an intelligent, intuitive, and instant get-to-go thing you would probably have inside that pocket and of course along those gold leaves. This is the most real dual-use Pax 3 vaporizer good for both of your loose leaf and extract.

So, what is different with Pax 3?

Basically, a lot new added goodies is installed in that tiny magical device. Pax 3 is not better equipped to be able to deliver a strong, pure vapor in a matter of 15 seconds. And, the subsequent heat-ups will not long be a wait since it instantly does it for you too. Despite this faster technology, you need not worry with its battery life. The lasted battery technology of pax 3 surpasses that of the Pax 2, in which it can even power an oven over twice the capability of the latter.

Certainly, with this device, you will get not only quality but the high-performance standard in totality. From the inside out, you will truly appreciate how greatest was correctly packaged in that elegant innovation.

In terms of it usage, this Pax 3 has two purposes. It is able to switch from loose leaf to extract with the included concentrate already inside – all these in a matter of a blink of an eye. Despite the fast turn over, you need not also worry the quality of vapor it gives. Pax 3 is dedicated to still give its users equally dense vapor which will truly reach your satisfaction.

Imagine such convenience it could and continually gives you. What else could you ask for? With this Pax 3, surely, your everyday vapor experience will not only be better but will be elevated to the highest degree. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!